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Upgrade of N7 between Clanwilliam and Klawer – Investing in the Environment (SANRAL) – JUNE 2015

Aquamulch is proud to be involved in the environmental rehabilitation process after the N7 upgrade Clanwilliam and Klawer. As Hydroseeding specialists, Aquamulch was responsible for the hydroseeding on the road verges here. Hydroseeding ensures the regrowth of vegetation which, not only, is vital for soil stabilisation but is also aesthetically pleasing.

Warrenton low-level bridge – Investing in the Environment (SANRAL) – JUNE 2015

After the construction of a new bridge over the Vaal River (N18) near Warrenton in the Northern Cape, Aquamulch minimised possible soil erosion on the bare verges through hydroseeding. A mixture of the following grass seeds were used: Antephora pubescens, Chenchrus Cilliaris, Chloris gayana, Digitaria eriantha, Eragrosits lehmanniana, Eragrostis teff and Ennepogon cenchroides. Seed mixtures are specific to each situation and location and fertilizer needs are  determined through soil sample analysis.

The low-level bridge which was opened in 1931 has not been demolished.

Driving to Moria safer and more enjoyable BY THE WAY – MAY/JUNE 2015

Not only will traffic flow improve over the Easter weekend after SANRAL’s road upgrade en route to Polokwane, but Aquamulch made sure that the grass stays green along the route. Aquamulch was responsible for stabilising and rehabilitating the bare soil around the upgraded area using the most effective method namely hydroseeding.




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