Hydroseeding is economically viable and sustainable


Hydroseeding is the most economical planting process to establish vegetation/grass in large areas using a slurry of seed and mulch. The slurry consists of water, seed, fertiliser, organic supplements, ameliorates, mulch and soil binders (to prevent erosion). The water component is essential in providing initial moisture to the soil while the mulch supports the moisture content and reduces stress on the seed.

Hydroseeding Uses:

  • Road, highway, rail and runway verge grassing
  • Soil erosion control
  • Sports fields and golf courses
  • Dam and mine reclamation
  • Improving poor grassed areas
  • Seeding of turf grass

Optimum nutrient uptake is critical to plant growth and the test results allow us to select the appropriate fertilizer and other measures needed to correct deficiencies so optimizing the uptake of fertilizer nutrients by the new vegetation.

Hydroseeding Advantages:

  • Slurry is evenly distributed
  • Slurry formulation is site-specific
  • Slurry controls seed and material loss from wind/water erosion
  • Slurry regulates surface water run-off
  • Faster germination of seeds
  • Seedlings germinate into an ideal micro-climate
  • Initial weed growth is controlled
  • Survival of plants is increased
  • Application is time and cost-effective

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